Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve seen your notice to close the competition early, please tell me more?

Due to a surge in ticket sales, we anticipate that we will reach maximum ticket sales by midnight on 24th April 2020 at which point we will close our web page from further entries. However visitors to our website will be invited to click the link to the Severn Hospice web page where they can if they wish, support the hospice directly outside of this competition. 100% of all residual ticket sale profits between our maximum allocation and the mid-night cut off point will be donated entirely to Severn Hospice. Should anyone wish to seek a refund of their purchase due to this change in approach and circumstances they invited to get in touch with promoters within 7 days of the closure of the competition to process their refund.

If you cannot find your ticket numbers before the competition closes, please don`t panic, we will still help you find these after the close date so please just contact us via e-mail at [email protected] We will also still process free postal entries as per our terms and conditions for a limited period after the competition closes as per our terms and conditions. Due to the social distancing and lock down measures we think it is still wise to keep with our scheduled date for the live draw of 3rd June, especially as we want this to be independently tested and observed. If we can bring this forward though we will let you know via our web-page and web-site so please don`t worry.

Where do I find my Ticket Numbers?

Ticket numbers are allocated at the point of purchase and are confirmed on your email receipt.

Ticket numbers for free tickets will be allocated during the competition at the point of which the qualification becomes valid either on multiple purchase or at the point where a shared URL results in a paid for purchase.  Ticket numbers relative to free postal entries will be communicated via e-mail where a valid e-mail address is provided.  

Where is my Share Link?

The URL share link is automatically generated on your receipt confirmation page which you are advised to keep a copy of.  

This should also have been sent out to via e-mail. If you did not receive this please check your Spam folder for an e-mail from us.

What is the draw process? 

We collate the competition user data from various entry sources such as on-line payment processor, postal entries and referred URLs, consolidating this into a master spread sheet.

The integrity of our system and data is thoroughly checked prior to launch of the public web-site.  Test data will be removed and when live, the data will be quality assured at frequent intervals to ensure that the number of paid entries, free entries and referred entries are counted and correct. 

How are ticket numbers assigned?  

Individual ticket numbers for all paid entries will be automatically generated at the point of purchase and confirmed with the Entrant via e-mail. The same process will apply to free ticket numbers, including free postal entries where e-mail addresses have been provided.  

Why have you included a preliminary and secondary draw date?

Aside from the sale of Grafton Farm as the fundamental prize a significant aim will be to maximise paid for tickets sales to generate our ambition to donate up to £100,000 to Severn Hospice.  A break even minimum number of ticket sales will allow us to make a donation to Severn Hospice of over £70,000 but maximum ticket sales will increase this to over £100,000! ** (ADDENDUM 24.4.40) WE WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY MEET AND EXCEED OUR TARGET AND MAKE A DONATION OF MORE THAN £100,000 TO Severn Hospice WITH ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT OF EVERYONE WHO HAD KINDLY ENTERED.

Therefore, we reserve the right to extend the competition to the second date on 8th July 2020 in order to increase this donation. We will keep our website and social media pages updated with progress of ticket sales and any announcements on an extension to the first draw date.

What happens to my purchase if you don’t sell your minimum number of tickets?

We, the promoters are confident that sufficient ticket sales will be achieved and aim to raise a substantial sum towards Severn Hospice if we are able to maximise those sales. Charities are set to lose £4 billion in donations over the 12 weeks of COVID-19 so we also appeal to the kindness of Entrants to share their URL and encourage others.

However, if ticket sales do not exceed the minimum number of 385,555 paid for tickets by the second draw date of July 8th 2020, then the draw will still take place and the winning Entrant will receive either the Prize of Grafton Farm or 90% net of ticket sales, less audited expenses and development costs.  The remaining 10% will be donated to Severn Hospice.  We are sure you will agree that 90% is still likely to be a life changing sum of money for an out-lay of just £2, less than the cost of a cup of coffee!  

What do you use to make sure the winning number is drawn at random? 

We use the true random number generator found at is a true random number generator and this will be used rather than typical ones built into computer software which in our opinion, can lack integrity.

A group of volunteers present (including Severn Hospice, press and a legal representative) will be invited to officiate the live draw and in advance will be invited to;

(i) Inspect the Master Dataset containing all of the Entries in the draw, and to check the total number of entries

(ii) Inspect & test the Random Number Generator at for true randomness. They may test this multiple times until they are satisfied that it is truly random. 

Once invited parties are satisfied that process is transparent and above board, an independent volunteer will be invited to initiate the process to generate a winning random number. 

How is the winner notified?

Once the winning number has been generated in the live draw, officials will cross reference the winning number drawn with the Master Dataset held in our website to verify the Winner’s contact details.

If the Winner has provided a contact telephone number then during the live draw the winner will be called by the Promoter to check that they are over 18 and break the good news! Every effort will be taken to contact the Winner through e-mail and post to notify them of their success.  Full details are laid out in our terms and conditions. 

If the Winner cannot be contacted within 21 days then we shall repeat the process again to select an alternative Winner.

How do I know that this competition will be fair and transparent?  

We the promoters take seriously, above all else our hard earned reputation for being ethical, fair and unbiased members of our community.  We both come from caring and public protection professional backgrounds and have taken all reasonable steps to check that this competition is fair and above board for all concerned.  

Our commitment to doing good for others is evident through our past charitable endeavours which includes funds raised for the Christie Hospital, Cancer Research UK and Children with Cancer UK.  As we are set to retire and had Grafton Farm up for sale, we recognised that during the COVID-19 pandemic, charities were also some of the hardest hit casualties, particularly those who provide care for local people with life limiting illnesses.

Having run the London Marathon twice each we see this as a one off chance to not only realise the value of our home but to raise a magnificent sum of money for Severn Hospice without the pain of marathon training for the next twenty years! When others have the opportunity to stay at home during self-isolation, health care workers do not.  It is our earnest wish to maximise our ticket sales so that we can, during the live draw donate up to £100,000 to Severn Hospice.  We have also signed a legal agreement with the hospice making clear our commitment to them in the event of minimum and maximum ticket sales. 

Are you open to independent scrutiny?

If anyone wishes to challenge the validity of the Prize Draw or the underlying draw process they are welcome to do so, no later than 7 days of the closing date of the draw.

However, this will be at their own expense, utilising a professional auditing company (such as those used in UK government audits or others that are acceptable to us.)  

The appointed company will be given all reasonable access to our website, the online payment systems used to process entry payments, links to random number generator, the postal entries and the online referral system.  We anticipate that such a company may take no more than 14 days to report findings where we expect confirmation that winner was chosen fairly, in the spirit of the competition and at random.  

Will you answer any questions I have about the draw?

We will endeavour to answer any reasonable questions that are not covered by this FAQ page. Please contact [email protected] with further queries.

Can I view the property first?

Alas no! We hope you agree that the cost to enter the competition, paid ticket value of just £2 to win such a beautiful and unique home represents significant value, given that a proportion of ticket sales go to support the vital work of Severn Hospice as well as the commission of payment providers and development of the competition.  We therefore regret that we are unable to go beyond and offer any opportunity to view the property in person.  However, a significant number of photographs are available to view on the Website as is a map representing the whole footprint of the farmhouse and attached land.  However, if you have a specific question or want some insight into life at Grafton Farm then please don`t hesitate to ask. We will update our facebook page with videos and insights.

What furnishings are included?

The lucky winner will inherit the prize, Grafton Farm House, a six bedroomed home in its beautifully furnished state suitable to move directly into, rent out as an AirBnB business opportunity or live in as a second rural country home.  A full inventory will be available to the winner but is set to include an out-door hot tub, ride on lawn mower, gym equipment, extensive corner sofa, ten seater walnut dining table, four poster bed and super king size rococo bedroom suite, deep pile luxury carpets, practically everything including the kitchen sink! 

What charities are you supporting?

This competition is supporting Severn Hospice as our sole charitable beneficiary.  Their charity number is 512394.  Their specialist doctors, nurses, workers and volunteers provide palliative care to people in Shropshire and Mid-Wales with terminal illness and their work is part of what makes Shropshire a wonderful community. We recognise how much pressure Severn Hospice take off our NHS – not to mention the compassion and support given to families and people in their greatest hour of need. 

Why haven’t you included a PayPal option?

Sadly, Paypal expressly forbid payments for any form of raffle (though ours is a prize draw based upon a knowledge question for entry). Therefore, the only payment methods are via the website.

How do you know how many times my URL has been shared?

We decided to pay for professional web development and support. Those clever people at Source Design Shrewsbury have developed the programme to track the source of all referrals and have shown us how these result in free ticket allocation and a place on the referrals leader board.

What council tax band is Grafton Farm?

Council tax is band F and the good news is that there are no water on sewerage bills to pay as we have our own bore hole with beautiful clean water aplenty! (One less bill to worry about!)

How can I submit a free postal entry?

We permit one free entry per household by first class post. This must be in legible format, in English with a contact email address (please double check spelling), telephone number and a correct response to our question! Then please mail to: Win my dream home, Grafton Farm, Noneley, Shrewsbury, SY4 5SL. (See T&C’s for further details)

What are my odds of winning?

It is not possible to give a precise answer to this question because every time someone shares their unique URL and this results in a purchase they also receive another free ticket. However tickets are limited and it’s surely better odds than some competitions, not to mention a donation of more than £100,000 to such a worthy cause.

Problems with finding your ticket numbers?

Please check your junk/spam email box as some of our emails do get filtered into these categories. You should receive 2 emails. The first being your receipt for your purchase and another containing your ticket numbers. Please wait at least 24 hours after your purchase for your ticket for your prize draw numbers to be sent to you, this is due to the high volume we are receiving.

If you still can’t find the email containing your prize draw numbers, please message back with the email address you used for the prize draw. E-mail us at: [email protected]